Year: 2021

  • Spotlight: Hand Sanitizer

    Spotlight: Hand Sanitizer

    How much do you know about our alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer? Triclosan is a common ingredient in many drugstore hand sanitizers, but did you know that triclosan is actually banned in some countries and that it can cause nasty side effects?! One of the major issues with triclosan is that it can make bacteria resistant to antibiotics.…

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  • Holiday Hours

    Holiday Hours

    We have some upcoming changes to our hours of which you need to be aware. Our Dorr location will be open Monday through Friday, including Christmas Eve, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We will be closed on Saturday and Sunday, December 25 and 26. The following week we will be open again from 11 a.m.…

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  • Spotlight: Candles

    Spotlight: Candles

    If you haven’t yet tried our handmade soy candles, you are missing out! We have been making our own candles for almost two years, and there are so many benefits to handmade candles! For starters, there are only two ingredients: high-quality soy and plant-based fragrance oils. Our 100% soy candles are Non-toxic Come from a…

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  • Shop HD Soap in Person

    Shop HD Soap in Person

    Today we’re highlighting some of our wholesale and consignment partners! A couple weeks ago we mentioned some of the vendor shows and locations where you could support your local consultants; today we are spotlighting business partners that have wholesale accounts or consignment shops where you can purchase HD Soap. Our website lists the vendor and craft…

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  • Guest Post: Why I Sell HD Soap

    Guest Post: Why I Sell HD Soap

    Today’s post is written by Leigh Helton, a wonderful new consultant for HD Soap! I started using HD Soap about a year ago and immediately fell in love with all the natural, handmade products. Some of the products that got me hooked are the Salt Spray (obsessively love!), Charcoal Whipped Scrub, and of course the…

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  • Wax Melts Flash Sale!

    Wax Melts Flash Sale!

    To celebrate, we are going to issue a rare coupon code to save big on our website! We will be having a BUY 3 GET 1 FREE sale on Wax Melts! The following coupon codes will be good from Friday, December 10 through Sunday, December 12: Buy 3 get 1 free: HDWAXMELTS4BARS Buy 6 get 2 free: HDWAXMELTS8BARS Buy 9…

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  • Say Goodbye to These Limited Edition Products

    Say Goodbye to These Limited Edition Products

    Don’t miss out on these limited edition products; order now before they are gone! Some of our fall products, like the From Scratch Autumn Air, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Nag Champa Soaps are already out of stock! We are also sold out of our Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm, and our Candied Apple is very close…

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  • Place Your Christmas Orders by December 15!

    Place Your Christmas Orders by December 15!

    This is your reminder that December 15 is our deadline to place orders that will arrive in time for Christmas! We want to make sure you receive your goodies in time for Christmas, and in order to do that, you must plan ahead and make your purchases before December 15. Of course we will be…

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  • Spotlight: Bath Salts

    Spotlight: Bath Salts

    Do you know why you should be using HD’s Bath Salts? First of all, epsom salt provides your body with magnesium sulfate, which is something many of us are deficient in! When this important mineral is absorbed through the skin, it draws toxins from the body, and calms you. It also reduces swelling and relaxes…

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  • Reminder: There is No VIP in December!

    Reminder: There is No VIP in December!

    This is your reminder that there is no VIP shipment during the month of December! We skip sending a VIP this month because we are working very hard to complete orders and get them in the mail so that you have your handmade products in time for Christmas! Feel free to add a VIP membership…

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