Year: 2022

  • Don’t Miss The Christmas Shipping Deadline!

    Don’t Miss The Christmas Shipping Deadline!

    Friday, December 16, is the last day to place orders online and receive them in time for Christmas! Get everyone a gift they’ll love without having to leave the house! Orders over $50 receive free shipping with the coupon code FREESHIPDEC — don’t miss out!

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  • Flash Sale Friday!

    Flash Sale Friday!

    FLASH SALES ARE HAPPENING! This Friday, save with flash sales! Don’t forget free shipping! Use the code FREESHIPDEC on orders over $50!

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  • Great Gifts Under $20!

    Great Gifts Under $20!

    We loved seeing all of your enthusiasm on HD Soap Black Friday, and in person on real Black Friday!  It’s back to the holiday grind at HDHQ where “minter” is in full swing! (If you missed release day in November, you might want to catch up on all the amazing limited edition soaps and goodies that…

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  • Perfect Soaps For Men

    Perfect Soaps For Men

    These three From Scratch Soaps are a few of our favorite soaps for men! These make excellent stocking stuffers! BLACK CHERRY SUEDE Black Cherry Suede From Scratch Soap has a little bit of grit. The creamy tan-colored part of the soap contains a mix of pumice powder that provides a fine exfoliation. The brown part of…

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  • Help For Dry Skin

    Help For Dry Skin

    Dry skin? HD Soap to the rescue! First, start with a soap that is moisturizing. Our most moisturizing soaps are our Goat’s Milk Honey and Oats From Scratch Soap and our Avocado From Scratch Soap. Both of these soaps will leave your skin hydrated while providing excellent cleansing. These are also great to have by…

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  • Mint + Winter = MINTER!

    Mint + Winter = MINTER!

    Mint + Winter = MINTER! Peppermint is one of our most popular scents, especially around the holidays! This essential oil has SO many amazing benefits in addition to its invigorating smell. This oil is popular in our Lip Balm because it plumps your lips a little as it helps to stimulate the circulation where it’s applied. Peppermint…

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  • Spotlight: CBD Bath Bomb

    Spotlight: CBD Bath Bomb

    It’s feeling snowy out here in West Michigan, and there’s NOTHING better on a snowy day than a warm bath! Read more for Christine’s thoughts about our CBD Bath Bomb!   I love the CBD Bath Bombs and here’s why! I love the scent combo of lavender, lemon, and orange. It’s energizing and relaxing at…

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  • Pumpkin Seed Oil is Back!

    Pumpkin Seed Oil is Back!

    Our Pumpkin Seed Oil From Scratch Soap is back as a holiday soap! In addition to coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter this soap contains pumpkin seed oil (hence the name!), pumpkin powder, and four powerhouse essential oils: fir, frankincense, cedarwood, and patchouli. Pumpkin seed oil is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids. These are all highly beneficial…

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  • Countdown to Black Friday, HD Style

    Countdown to Black Friday, HD Style

    This coming Friday we will have our second release day of the month!  All of our holiday products will be available Friday, November 18. “Minter” is finally here, and many of your favorites that we have not released yet are coming! Sneak peaks will be happening in tons of VIP groups already on Thursday! Connect with your consultant for all…

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  • Happy Veterans Day!

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Happy Veterans Day! Here is a poem we hope you enjoy in honor of those who have served or are currently serving. “Veterans Day” by Cheryl Dyson On Veterans Day we honor all, Who answered to a service call. Soldiers young, and soldiers old, Fought for freedom, brave and bold. Some have lived, while others…

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