The Four Pillars of HD Soap by Hilltop Designs
Four Pillars : HDHQ Visionary Space | Consultant Opportunity | Retail Shopping | Wholesale Accounts

HDHQ CREATIVE &VISIONARY SPACE: This pillar of our business includes making each product by hand, packaging, and shipping orders. We also do all of our own printing, social media, and marketing. Production also includes all of our own photography, making our own graphics, and all of our web design. We perform all our own research and development on every product we eventually release (and some we don’t!). All of our customer service flows through this pillar as well.

CONSULTANT OPPORTUNITY: We are unique in that we also offer an opportunity for people to run their own home-based business. We offer commission-based sales and flexible scheduling. This allows individuals to own their own business and be their own boss. Business autonomy and self-determination are what drives our consultants into success.

RETAIL: Our Retail Pillar allows for an in-store, personal shopping experience. We currently have retail store in Dorr, MI. Our store carries our handmade items in addition to several other gift shop items from other small businesses around the US.

Wholesale: We offer wholesale pricing, a personal customer service rep, and zip code protection. Our items are not sold on Amazon, and HD Soap by Hilltop Designs is a woman-owned business. For more information please email us at