Our Mission :

  • Quality Ingredients – formulate our fragrances and essential oils for exclusive scents and blends. Pure, not diluted, many are organic, locally sourced when possible, high quality, vegan options.

    We use only the highest quality ingredients. They are pure and not diluted. Many are organic, and HD Soap uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. We have vegan, gluten-free, and coconut-free options available for those who need it. Our essential oils are therapeutic grade, and our fragrance oils are non-synthetic and plant-based. Christine formulates all of our scent blends to make each one unique to HD Soap.

  • Always Handmade – creates local jobs for our community, no machines, hand cut soap, hand packaged, no manufacturing

    From start to finish, each product is handmade with no hands-off manufacturing! There are zero machines or assembly lines; we pour, stir, and/or cut each item by hand with supplies you would find in your own kitchen at home. Even our packaging is hand-labeled, and each box is hand-packed for shipment. We love being able to create local jobs in our community.

  • Affordable – provide amazing skincare at prices people can afford, give a great handmade gift on a budget, people can look and feel great without spending a lot of money. Everyone has access to affordable skincare.

Handmade, natural skincare does not have to cost a lot of money; we are determined to provide skincare and pampering products at prices people can afford. HD Soap can help you stay on budget and still be able to give unique, handmade, high-quality gifts. We want everyone to have access to affordable skincare for their whole family.