Yes! Our consultants would LOVE to come to your home and show you and all of your wonderful friends our amazing products! Here are the Hostess Benefits for qualifying parties:

  • $100 – $299.99 Party = 10% of Party Subtotal
  • $300 – $499.99 Party = 15% of Party Subtotal
  • $500 – $999.99 Party = 18% of Party Subtotal
  • $1,000+ Party = 20% of Party Subtotal

Rules for Qualifying Parties & Host Rewards:
1. A qualifying party must have 3 or more different customers.

2. ALL party orders must be placed within a 5 day period. Orders placed outside the 5 day period cannot be included in the party total.

3. Party rewards will be given to a host in the form of a one time use coupon code. Host codes may NOT be combined with consultant codes or any other discount codes. They are NOT redeemable on any sale-priced items (i.e. Cyber Monday sales).

4. Host reward codes will be generated and sent to a consultant within 48 business hours of a consultant submitting the party. The consultant is responsible for sending the code to the host.

5. Host codes expire 30 days after the end of a party. Host codes can only be used ONE time and must be redeemed in a single order. Use them or lose them!

6. Hosts are responsible for paying shipping charges on host code redemption orders, when applicable.

7. Parties cannot include sales made at vendor or craft shows, products sold in boutiques or gift shops, or on consignment. No host rewards will be awarded for any such sales.

8. Host rewards are determined based on the subtotals of product sales and do not include shipping, tax, or other discounts.

9. Maximum host rewards for a single party equal $350.

10. Parties that reach the $300, $500, or $1,000 threshold also receive bonus gifts called Host Extras. These Host Extras are given at the discretion of the company and are subject to change without notice.


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