April New Releases

We hope you enjoyed a nice spring break and had a happy Easter!

If you’ve been watching our social media, you already know that we released April’s new releases on March 31! With so many people traveling for spring break and then observing Good Friday and Easter, it seemed appropriate to remind everyone of the fun releases here at HD Soap.

This year we are rolling out something fun and new! Once a quarter we will offer a BIG VIP box! Much like our old monthly VIP subscription, you will receive discounted products. What’s different?! The big VIP box will include fun new accessories, plus you’ll get to test new products that we think are awesome…these products just need a little bit more input before we fully release them!

These boxes of new products, “tester” items, and fun accessories are valued at over $70, but they will retail for $55. There’s another bonus for customers: these boxes will ship for free with code FREESHIPAPR since they are over $50!

This first mega box started to ship April 12, and the next boxes will be available in July, October, and January!

New Products This Month!

Chamomile Square Bar…..$5
Chamomile From Scratch Lotion…..$14
4oz. Bamboo Coconut From Scratch Soap…..$7
4oz. Tranquility From Scratch Soap…..$7
Bamboo Coconut Candle…..$12
Bamboo Coconut Wax Melt…..$8
Bamboo Coconut Mini Bath Bomb Set…..$10
Fresh Pineapple Mini Bath Bomb Set…..$10
Spiced Plum Mini Bath Bomb Set…..$10
Tranquility Mini Bath Bomb Set…..$10

From Scratch Relief Oil…..$25
Quarterly Big VIP Gift Box…..$55

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