Are You Ready for Valentine’s Day?!

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away!
Have you stocked up on our limited edition Valentine’s products?! Take advantage of our deals while you can!

New Bundles This Month!
Spiced Plum Candle Bundle $16.00
Retail Price $20.00
Spiced Plum Candle, Spiced Plum Wax Melt

February From Scratch Soap Bundle $16.50
Retail Price $21.00
Goat’s Milk Vanilla, Millionaire’s Bar, and Spiced Plum 4oz. From Scratch Soaps

Spiced Plum Body Care Bundle $30.25
Retail Price $38.00
4oz. From Scratch Soap, 1oz. Lotion Bar, Whipped Sugar Scrub, Body Splash

Men’s Rain Bundle $22.50
Retail Price $28.00
8oz. Rain From Scratch Soap, Body Splash, Loofa

Millionaire’s Moisturizing Bundle $12.00
Retail Price $15.50
4oz. Millionaire’s Bar From Scratch Soap, Two-ounce Coconut Balm

Dry Mask & From Scratch Soap Bundle $18.50
Retail Price $23.50
4oz. Spiced Plum From Scratch Soap, Acai & Dragon Fruit Dry Mask, 2oz. Coconut Balm

Vanilla Bundle $13.50
Retail Price $17.00
4oz. Goat’s Milk Vanilla From Scratch Soap, 2oz. Original Lanolin Balm

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