Back To School Must-Haves

It is hard to believe that August is here already! For many of us, that means school is around the corner.

With COVID-19 affecting almost every aspect of our lives, we are willing to bet that it’s also impacting the decisions you’re making about schooling your kids. Whether you are homeschooling, online schooling, or sending your kids back to a regular school building, we think that these will be useful products for everyone!

Lip Balm
Nobody wants to start off the school year with chapped lips! Keep your kid’s smile looking great with his or her favorite HD Soap Lip Balm; Orange & Olive Oil and Pineapple Colada are both amazing flavors that kids love.

Hand Sanitizer
Keep hands and surfaces clean on-the-go with our HD Soap Hand Sanitizers. The travel-friendly spray bottle fits easily in desks, lockers, and backpacks, and no kid should be without it! We have both alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers (Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree, and Purify) as well as our Five Lakes Hand Sanitizer made with alcohol.

Lavender Roller
Don’t let stress get your kid down! Prepare your child for a new school year with a Lavender Essential Oil Roller. Lavender essential oil is very popular for introducing a feeling of calm and serenity, and our rollers make it easy for kids to apply a safe amount of essential oil to their skin. A quick swipe of the roller on pressure points, combined with a healthy sniff of lavender, might be a big relief during a stressful school day!

Keep your older kids feeling fresh with an HD Soap Deodorant! Available in four different blends, this chemical-free deodorant stick fights stinky odors naturally.

Clear Your Mind Whipped Sugar Scrub
Homework will be ramping up in no time, so it’s a good idea to keep a Clear Your Mind Whipped Sugar Scrub on hand. Our trusty blend of lavender, lime, and peppermint essential oils refreshes the mind while the foaming sugar scrub cleanses the skin.

Last but not least, be ready to fight germs and grime at home with your favorite bar of HD Soap! All of our soaps are great for cleansing, but you can get some extra-deep cleaning with our From Scratch Activated Charcoal Soap, our From Scratch Coconut Oil Tea Tree Soap, and our Hemp & Tea Tree Square Bar.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of teachers who would love these products, too! Put together a small basket for the educators in your life as a way to say hello (and get off to a good start at the beginning of the year!).

Tell us, did we forget your kid’s favorite HD Soap product for the school year? Check in with us on Facebook or Instagram to share!

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