Big Surprising News!

Sometimes life is just crazy and things happen so fast, you have to just roll with it and say, “This was a God thing! Thank you, God!”

Just about ten days ago, the manager from Tanger called me about opportunity we could take advantage of, because someone was interested in leasing our space.

It is a really, really great space.

While I have loved our time at Tanger and all of the amazing new customers we have met, I have been worried about how I would be able to “do it all” this tenth holiday season and still be available for my kids and family. For those of you who don’t know, my husband Dan found an amazing new job in March that suits him so well. He is back working in windows and siding, but because everything is new and growing with his management position, I need to be the parent available for practices, school events, and driving the kids around every day.

When Tanger management called, I felt like this was an answer to prayer, and I knew with confidence the route I needed to take.

We are going downsize back to one location, so I’m not stretched so thin.

This answer to prayer allows me time to keep doing all of the things I love for my business while being available for my family. This fall we will go back to being open seven days a week at Dorr, and in October we will be open on two evenings until 7 p.m.

Now that summer is not so hot, look for our sidewalk sales to resume on Saturdays. An evening cold process soapmaking class is going to be on the event calendar soon for the end of September! I can’t wait.

To celebrate this change in our lives, we are going to keep the free shipping coupon going through September! Spend over $50 online and use the code FREESHIPAUG to get your order shipped for free right to your house!

Thank you to everyone who shopped with us at Tanger, and who knows! Maybe in a different season of family life we will be back there! Until then, we will be doing our thing in Dorr and enjoying life with a little less stress.

Our last day open for business at Tanger will be Friday, August 26. We will reopen with fall hours in Dorr after Labor Day!

Check out our new hours for September:
SUNDAY: 11-6

The Dorr location can be found at 1632 142nd Street, just two exits south of Tanger Outlet Mall!

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