Bring Back My Square Bar Summer: Chamomile

Welcome to our “Bring Back My Square Bar” summer! The first Square Bar we are going to spotlight is our Chamomile Square Bar!

We polled our consultants and asked which soaps they missed the most from years gone by, and this was number one on the list! Made with our goat’s milk glycerin base, this soap provides amazing moisture from our detergent-free soap base. It contains goat milk, which is loaded with vitamins, beta-casein, and protein for hydration and nourishment for dry skin.  This glycerin base is made with goat milk, non-GMO sustainable coconut oil, and non-GMO sustainable palm oil.

Christine loves using chamomile essential oil in this soap since it provides many skincare benefits. Chamomile helps with dry, itchy skin. It is known to help cut down redness and blemishes. It is great for helping soothe sunburn. Because of its calming properties, people really find it beneficial to use before bedtime to help them go to sleep! While this Square Bar is here for the summer, you can always enjoy the benefits of chamomile year round in our Calendula Balm Stick, as well as our Relax products.The calendula petals make this bar of soap beautiful and provide some lesser known benefits! Calendula (pronounced kuh-LEND-yuh-luh) comes from the petals of marigold flowers. These petals are ground into powders or infused to make an oil. These flowers, powders, and infused oils are commonly added to creams, ointments, tinctures, and salves. This amazing ingredient has been used for thousands of years to bring soothing relief for all sorts of skin issues. This is because calendula has naturally occurring deep cleaning properties. It might not surprise you to learn that calendula is excellent for fighting blemishes and problem skin. It also makes an excellent diaper rash cream. If you have pain associated with your skin issues (like sunburn!), calendula may offer relief.This bar will be here through the summer, so get your bar now! We think you will agree with our consultants; the Chamomile Square Bar definitely belonged back in rotation!

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