Daylight Savings: Products To Help Us Look Less Tired

Raise your hand if you are feeling the effects of this time change!

Spring is right around the corner, and having more daylight at night is amazing, but readjusting to a new time – even if it is just an hour – can be difficult and leave you feeling (and looking!) tired. But HD Soap has some products that can help!!

The first way to brighten up your skin is to exfoliate, so grab your favorite From Scratch Sugar Scrub and use it on your face. This will help slough off dead skin and reveal healthy, glowing, fresh skin! If you want a finer exfoliation, try our Whipped Pumice Scrub, which acts as a type of microdermabrasion treatment. Or try a Whipped Sugar Scrub with the aromatic benefits of alertness, such as our Morning Mix or Sweet Citrus.

If you prefer a face mask, our Green Tea Matcha Dry Mask is amazing for tightening, toning, and brightening your skin. And of course citrus is known to help you feel alert and refreshed, so you could also try our Citrus Dry Mask. Or mix the two masks together!

How about using our bright and cooling Cucumber Mint From Scratch Soap, followed by a spritz of some Relax Toner or Sage Toner to help tone and freshen your skin.

Our Eye Serum is a definite must-have to help brighten around your eyes and can even help reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Even if you don’t feel awake, at least this product may help you look more awake due to its amazing ingredients! Another serum is our Silk Serum, which can help your skin look and feel soft and ready to face the day. Soft, moisturized skin helps fight the signs of aging!

And don’t forget to end with our Orange and Olive Oil with Vitamin C Balm! The scent is so bright and fresh and can help you feel happy and ready to face the day. Help your skin look healthy and fight the signs of aging with the ingredients in this balm.

You may be tired from this time change, but your skin can look vibrant!

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