Do You Need Ideas for Teacher Gifts?!

We think HD’s handmade products make the best “thank you” gifts for teachers!

Soap, balms, bath products, candles, and so much more – you really can’t go wrong when selecting a gift for the teachers in your life! How about creating a fun tag to go with your gift?! Here are some ideas that work perfectly with our products:

SOAP you have a great summer!
Thank you SOAP much!
You are a SOAPer teacher!
– We have so many great soap options to consider, plus you can pair it with one of our soap accessories!
– Pick your favorite soap and then include other products that share a matching scent – depending on the soap, we may have a matching Candle, Lotion Bar, bath products, or more.

You’re the BALM!
– Gift a Balm or a Balm Stick
– Don’t forget about our Lip Balms!

HANDS DOWN you’re the best teacher around!
– Gift a bar of Soap and Soap Dish
– Pair with a Scrub and a Balm for a hand pampering set

Thank you for being a SCENT-sational teacher!
– We have so many coordinating scents with our summer releases! For example, in Tropical Tangerine you can find Mini Bath Bombs, Body Splash, Soap, Lotion Bar, Candle, and Wax Melts. Our other summer scents are Coconut, Bamboo, Hope, Fresh, Sparkling Sangria, Summer, Dragon’s Blood, and Peach Pineapple.
– Put together a gift set with one of our essential oil Exclusive Blends. We have Essential Oils, Mini Bath Bombs, Lotion Bars, Soaps, Whipped Scrubs, From Scratch Scrubs, Roller Balls, and several even have Lip Balms.
– Buy a Mini Pamper Pack with a sampling of your favorite blend!

You’re the BOMB!
– Gift them a full sized Bath Bomb. Ours are about the size of a softball, which means you could get two or three uses out of each bomb!
– Our set of four Mini Bath Bombs comes in a cute, clear, plastic sleeve ready to gift.

Be sure to RELAX over the summer!
– Give a Relax Mini Pamper Pack.
– Put together your own gift set with our amazing Relax essential oil blend of lavender, chamomile, and rose. We have Soap, From Scratch Scrubs, Whipped Scrubs, Mini Bath Bombs, full sized Bath Bomb, Lotion Bars, Toner, and an Essential Oil Roller Ball.

Share your fun ideas with us; we would love to hear what you create!

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