Farewell to Summer

Can you believe it’s almost the end of summer?! Read on for Christine’s farewell to summer and forecast for fall!

It’s the last Sunday before our school year starts! I can’t believe how fast summer went! We were able to do most of the things that we had on our bucket list, even though Jack might say we didn’t go to the arcade enough. In my defense, the deal was that it had to rain on a Wednesday; that would have been an afternoon I had off, plus it would be wristband day so you could play more games for a cheaper price. Unfortunately for Jack, we didn’t have a single Wednesday with rain! It was pure sunshine on all Wednesdays!

All that sun meant we spent a lot of time outside, using these great HD Soap products:
Bug Spray to keep away the flies, gnats and mosquitos
Unscented Sunscreen Lotion Bars are a family favorite
– After a day in the pool, Sage Toner helped to smooth out snarly hair, and our new From Scratch Lotion was perfect for when the chlorine causes our skin to be extra dry. My favorite scent is Balance, but the kids love Clear Your Mind, especially if they got a little pink from the sun; the lavender calms and the peppermint cools.

While we are quickly saying goodbye to summer, we are just as excited about fall. Here’s to a great school year! (Don’t forget to add Tea Tree Hand Sanitizer to your back-to-school supplies pile.)  Fall brings amazing scents like apples, pears, warm figs, pie, and pumpkin.

In fact, that is the theme for our September VIP! Get your September VIP orders in TODAY! September VIP’s will leave HDHQ around August 26-27. You will not be disappointed!

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