February New Releases

We have three main ingredients that we are featuring this weekend – charcoal, vanilla, and coffee!

In skincare, charcoal is most known for its ability to detoxify! It also can help minimize the appearance of pores and draw out excess oils. When used as a mask or scrub, charcoal helps the oil and dirt on your skin to stick together, making it easier to remove through exfoliation. It draws out bacteria, toxins, dirt, and other unwanted particles from your skin, which is why charcoal is frequently used to banish breakouts. Your skin will be so smooth and clean with our new Whipped Charcoal Sugar Scrub (just remember to follow up with your favorite moisturizer so your skin doesn’t get too dry).

Our non-synthetic vanilla fragrance oil may not have therapeutic benefits, but vanilla remains one of the most popular fragrances. It has such a simple, warm scent that most people love and instantly recognize. If you enjoy vanilla, you are definitely going to love our new Vanilla Coconut Lip Balm! Warm vanilla mixes with notes of tropical coconut flavor in this olive oil-based lip balm. Apply this delicious balm and imagine you’ve been whisked away to somewhere sunny and warm!

We have also re-released our very popular seasonal From Scratch Coffee Soap! Coffee is increasingly popular in skincare as research continues to point to coffee’s efficacy in skincare (and maybe even haircare too!). A popular use of coffee is as an exfoliant; coffee doesn’t dissolve in water, so you can rub it into your skin and scrub away those dead skin cells! For those who struggle with breakouts, lightly exfoliating your face with coffee will help unclog pores through removing dead skin cells and protecting skin from some bacteria (remember to follow up with a moisturizer!). Coffee has so many antioxidants that you may actually boost the collagen levels in your skin, which can help protect your skin cells from premature aging! Caffeine in the coffee grounds can help reduce inflammation and the puffiness under your eyes, in addition to helping reduce the appearance of cellulite, with regular use. For your hair, coffee grounds can help rebalance the pH of your hair and scalp to make your hair shiny, smooth, and healthy. (Some people say you can even darken your hair using coffee as a hair dye; be aware in case you aren’t looking for dark roots!) Make sure you pair our seasonal soap with our beloved From Scratch Coffee Scrub to take full advantage of the benefits of coffee!

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