Great Gifts Under $20!

We loved seeing all of your enthusiasm on HD Soap Black Friday, and in person on real Black Friday!  It’s back to the holiday grind at HDHQ where “minter” is in full swing! (If you missed release day in November, you might want to catch up on all the amazing limited edition soaps and goodies that are flying off the shelves.)

There are SO many reasons that we love all the minty goodness of our new products! Peppermint essential oil smells fresh and amazing, and it feels cool and invigorating on the skin — not to mention that peppermint essential is wonderful for deep cleansing, which is perfect when our skin needs a little extra TLC. (If minty freshness isn’t your thing, don’t worry! We carry tons of products in other scents and flavors!)

This is definitely the season for giving gifts, and we know some of them can sneak up on you: gifts for all of your kids’ teachers, hostess gifts for holiday events, school bus drivers, postal carriers, your hair stylist or barber, your garbage collector, your kids’ coaches and instructors…it’s easy to lose track!

Being generous during the holiday season does not have to break the bank. You can combine different products to make custom gifts at a variety of price points that each recipient will love:
– 1 HD Holiday Square Bar and 2 Lip Balms ($13)
– 4 Lip Balms ($16)
You can create easy, affordable gifts for each and every person with HD Soap. You can download and print some BRAND NEW very cute gift tags by clicking the link below!

Don’t forget to order your HD Soap goodies early! The last day to place orders that are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas will be December 14!


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