Guest Post: Why I Sell HD Soap

Today’s consultant interview is extra-special for Christine; read on to learn why!

“One of the best blessings of HD Soap is that I have been able to work with so many of my relatives! I have a huge family, and I need all my fingers and toes to count the ways that family has supported our small business. My aunt Lisa joined us as a consultant this fall, and I just love getting to know her better! She has been such an inspiration as she has started her HD Soap business, and she even earned a bonus in her first month!” – Christine

The summer of 2021 marked some big changes for me. We moved to the Michigan lakeshore, launched our two boys to college, and I had to leave my job that I loved. With our shih tzu Miya turning 13 and showing signs of physical and cognitive aging, I was seeking something I could do from home.

I have been using HD Soap products since Christine began her successful and growing company in 2015 and love them! As I was thinking about what my next step would be, I kept reading the regular articles from HD consultants about why they joined the team and what they loved about it. Their stories and experiences were really inspiring. One thing led to another, and here I am doing it myself and loving it!

I decided to become a consultant with HD Soap because I am passionate about the products being natural and handmade right here in West Michigan. I love the idea of putting only simple, natural, wonderful smelling and feeling products on my skin and scalp, and sharing this with others. What I quickly learned is that any time I shared the products with new customers, they were eager to try them. I was also impressed with the long-term customers many of the current consultants have, which says a lot about the quality and love of the products!

I also have felt so supported by all the staff anytime I needed help with anything – the response has always been quick and helpful! I also appreciate the amount of research that Christine puts into every aspect of the company, and her pursuit of quality ingredients in each product and how she educates us all; I’ve learned so much!

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