Guest Post: Why I Sell HD Soap

Michelle Torrey, an amazing consultant with HD Soap, shares what she loves about HD!

Hey there, I’m Michelle! I’m a 26-year-old, wife of 3.5 years, and first-time mom of a four-month-old little girl. A lot of times you hear about people joining this company because it helped resolve one skin issue or twelve different skin issues. My story is a little different because this company actually healed a part of my heart that I didn’t realize was hurting as bad as it was. 

My direct sales experience started when I was about eight years old selling those little bead things you iron together for $1 each. Then there are those chocolate bar boxes you can buy and resell for fundraisers, the hats I used to make on a bulky plastic hand loom in high school to raise money for one thing or another, and many more. I didn’t really know there were people out there making a living through direct sales, let alone how passionate and driven so many people are in various companies, joyful in whatever they have found that they love to market. And I’m a people person and LOVE sales!

By age 18, I was getting more and more exposed to direct sales as my parents tried their go at a well-known health and wellness company. By 20, I had signed up with another lesser known health and wellness company and dove right into what I thought would fill my cup and really “change everything.” I tried going to the annual conferences and wanted so badly to keep my momentum, but at the end of the day the company had expensive products that claimed to be all-natural, but you couldn’t really read the labels, let alone afford them consistently (at least in my experience), and I was burnt out and didn’t have anything to show for my efforts. 

Fast forward to summer 2019: I was posting on Facebook, asking a general question about moisturizer or face wash or something, and a friend mentioned HD Soap. At first I didn’t think much of it, but then I finally messaged her asking about 50 questions and ended up getting hooked on Orange and Olive Oil Balm, Bergamot From Scratch Soap, Relax Toner, Orange and Olive Oil Lip Balm, and that was only the beginning. 

Back to the healing of my heart now, I genuinely didn’t know skincare this simple could be so effective AND affordable. I previously was paying $33 for a bottle of face wash, holding onto the hope of success by a thread, and was really just altogether frustrated. As I continued to use the HD products, I started to glow from the inside out. I felt so pampered with the Coffee Scrub, and now I’ve recently fallen in love with the Bath Bombs, Body Butters, and Silk Serum

I bought my Consultant Kit in the summer of 2021, and I love telling everyone how HD Soap has changed my life in more ways than one! I’ve been so blessed by the caring community of genuine and caring people who will literally rally around the state of Michigan to get Body Butter into my hands to avoid stretch marks throughout pregnancy (which totally worked, by the way!).

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