Guest Post: Why I Sell HD Soap

Mindy was our top sales representative for 2019; she does a great job of working her business and sharing the HD love! We hope you enjoy her perspective and experience with HD Soap!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mindy Tucker, and I am addicted to HD Soap. There is no cure!

My HD Soap journey started over three years ago as a customer, and I have been a consultant for almost three years. I learned about Hilltop Designs from a longtime friend in Michigan. I knew that she had been struggling with adult acne for years. I followed her on social media, and not only did I see a major change in her skin, but I loved the fact that pure, quality ingredients were being used to make these products. After three months I knew I had to try a few items. After using the products for around two months I knew I had to get the word out, because my skin felt and looked amazing!

Another important part for me was the cost of the products. I know that many consumers believe that if a skincare product is expensive then it must contain the best, most luxurious, and effective ingredients. This simply is not true! In reality, many high end skincare companies use cheap ingredients in their products. The label may list fancy ingredients but, more often than not, these ingredients are only a fraction of the finished product. So what are you paying for? You are paying for ingredients, research, researchers, marketing, high-end packaging, retail locations, machinery to make the products, and so on. With HD Soap, we are not paying for all of this. There is no marketing cost; the consultants, social media, word of mouth, and the brick and mortar store in Michigan is how we market. The ingredients are high-quality, but you are not paying for fillers, machinery to make the products, or hundreds of employees; the products are simple and handmade. We do test the products, but the consultants are the testers (which is super fun) – and because the ingredients are excellent, we don’t have to worry about growing a third eye.

Even though HD Soap is considered a direct sales company (in addition to having a brick and mortar location), it is vastly different than other direct sales companies. As a consultant, you have an extremely low minimum to meet. This allows you to decide what you want out of your business. You can decide how you want your business to look for you! You are NEVER pressured to grow downlines. That is not the point of this business. This way we are able to focus on our customers, learning about ingredients and educating. Of course, we always love to have people who truly want to sell on our teams, but it’s not about numbers. It’s about empowering you! HD Soap is a small company. There are around 200 consultants nationwide, which means you have so much room to grow. It also means we are like a big family. The friendships that I have made are invaluable!

Here is a funny thing about me personally: I have NEVER followed a direct sales company before, nor have I ever sold for one. I had never even been a part of a Facebook group for someone who sold for direct sales. I KNEW NOTHING!

My “why” for starting this journey was that I saw that it worked on my friend, I liked the products, the products worked for me, and it was incredibly affordable. I also loved people, all things natural, educating others about chemicals, and saving people money. At the time I was looking for a new adventure in my life, and I found it!

Three years later, I continue to love people, natural products, educating, and saving money. I also LOVE my customers (who truly have become friends), and I have learned so much about running a business and what ingredients help with specific skin issues (I absolutely love finding the perfect products for my customers!). I have discovered that I have a major love for skincare that I didn’t even realize I had! God definitely led me to HD Soap for many reasons.

As you can see, my “why” has changed slightly over time, and that is perfectly fine! What is your HD story going to look like, and how can I help you get there?

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