Happy Father’s Day!

For Father’s Day, we thought it would be fun to hear from Dan Weber, the husband of HD’s owner and creator, Christine Weber. Keep reading to find out what his HD “must-haves” are!

Bars of soap I always have on hand:

  • Bergamot: on hot, sweaty days, this feels great on skin and takes away that “clammy” feeling. 
  • Cucumber Mint: for those days I get a little too much sun. Refreshing and great for soothing sunburn.  
  • CBD Soap: soothing and great for days when muscles are sore or body is sore.  
  • Coconut Oil Tea Tree: I like this in the winter when my skin is a little dryer.  It is very moisturizing, and I also use it as a shampoo (but I do not have much hair).  I also like this bar or the CBD Soap for traveling.  I no longer use or like hotel soap. 🙂 

I usually pick a seasonal bar to have around too, but these are my go-to year-round bars.  It’s hard to pick a favorite seasonal bar, but right now I would have to go with the Seaweed Soap.

Other products I use:

  • In my truck, I keep an alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer along with a Bug Spray.  
  • At home I use the soaps listed above, plus a CBD Cream. CBD Cream also helps with soreness and stiffness if I happen to be driving a lot in a day or on a road trip/vacation.  
  • In the winter I’ll keep a Lotion Bar or Hemp Cream around for the days when my skin is really dry.

Here is the list of products I recently brought along on my guys fishing trip (and pretty much anytime I go on vacation with the family, too):

What HD products do the men in your life like?

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