HD’s Top Five: Lip Balm

There is a reason our From Scratch Lip Balms (affectionately called “lippys”) are almost always the number one seller month after month!

With so many options, it is sometimes hard to know what to keep around! After looking at this list of flavors that everyone has loved, it’s clear that we love the fruity flavors most!

Many drugstore lip balms actually cause your lips to need more moisture, forcing you to reapply several times throughout the day. Our Lip Balms are made with natural ingredients, so they actually moisturize your lips—which means you are not having to use as much!

We have both a coconut oil formula and an olive oil formula (for those of you who like to keep them in your pockets!), and then we add some amazing flavor oils or essential oils. So which flavors are the MOST popular?

1. Unicorn
A mix of tropical fruit favorites that taste as if you were eating a bowl of mango, pineapple, kiwi, orange, and guava
2. Superhero
A sweet mixed berry scent; we chose a mix of blueberry and acai flavors, which are very similar to blackberry
3. Pineapple Colada
Amazing tropical flavor of pineapple and coconut
4. Orange & Olive Oil
Bright and sweet real orange flavor
5. Beet Balm 
A  blend of apricot oil, olive oil, and beet powder, which helps it glide on smoothly for a subtle tint; it also contains peppermint essential oil added for flavor
Which of these top five are your favorite?!

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