Help for Dry, Cracked Hands

If all the hand sanitizing to protect against COVID-19 has given you dry, cracked, red hands, this post is for you. Harsh soaps and alcohol-based hand sanitizers can absolutely destroy your hands, but don’t worry—HD Soap is here to help! 

First, our soaps are excellent because they are packed with wonderful moisturizing ingredients and contain zero harsh chemicals. If the skin on your hands is damaged from constant washing, make sure you try one of our extra moisturizing soaps like From Scratch Avocado, Goat’s Milk Honey and Oats, or even our Shaving Soap! Each of these soaps offer extra hydration, and using a soap that won’t dry your skin out even further is very important, especially as you are washing your hands several times throughout the day.

Another important step to caring for your hands is exfoliation, as it helps remove the flaky, damaged skin. Whipped Sugar Scrubs (like Morning Mix or Sweet Citrus) are gentle yet effective by simply rubbing the granules into your hands, concentrating on knuckles or other areas where you have dry skin; then rinse off and pat dry. Our Brown Sugar & Fig Scrub is not as oily as some of our other From Scratch Scrubs, but the consistency is perfect for pampering your hands. Leave it by your sink and grab a few granules each time you wash your hands for a little extra moisturizing boost!

The final step in soothing your chapped or cracked hands is MOISTURE. Our best balms for repairing skin are Lanolin & Lavender, Beard Balm (it is for so much more than just beards!), and our CBD Balm! CBD oil is excellent for the skin, and this balm is packed with amazing ingredients. If you prefer a moisturizer with a more typical “lotion” feel, grab our CBD Cream. This cream is made with our beloved rich and moisturizing base, to which we add high-quality Joy Organics CBD oil. We have an unscented version as well as one with essential oils. Our Lotion Bars are also very effective and can last longer on your skin since they include shea butter. Make sure you are applying frequently throughout the day, especially after washing and exfoliating.

Take a before and after picture and send them our way! We would love to see your soft, smooth hands.

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