Ingredient Spotlight: Beet Powder

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of beet powder!

In addition to lots of vitamins and minerals, one of the major components of beets is lycopene, which gives this powder its gorgeous red color and is full of antioxidants! Because of this, beet powder can actually tighten your skin while also improving your skin’s elasticity. It can also shrink your pores and minimize dark spots on your skin. You can even use beet powder around your eyes to help with puffiness or dark circles.

Beetroot can also help soften your skin and make it silky because it penetrates into the deepest layers of your skin and moisturizes. It can also give you a nice rosy, blush color on your face. This powder may help soothe blemishes by removing the excess oil that gets trapped in your pores, which is what causes breakouts in the first place. You will receive a natural tint from the beet powder in this lip balm. It has the ability to help replenish dead skin cells, which makes it the perfect ingredient when we carry our Beet Lip Balm (for those of you that have been begging for its return, stay tuned!).

We currently use beet root powder in our Black Cherry Suede From Scratch Soap (only while supplies last!), but be watching for more products with this amazing ingredient

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