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Summer is here, and it is a great time to join our team. At the end of last month, we had four new consultants join us, and seeing this renewed interest in becoming a consultant is exciting! 🙂 

Here are some great reasons you might want to consider selling HD Soap from your home.

10. Helping people
Our consultants love that they can help their friends, family, and customers. It is such an amazing feeling to know that someone that was suffering with a skin issue or problem has found relief with HD Soap!

9. No pressure to sell or build a team
HD Soap does not pressure anyone to sell or to recruit new sales reps. Several of our consultants shared one or both of these benefits in their Consultant Spotlight articles. HD is very different from most other direct sales companies, and the low sales requirements to be considered active are a huge plus!

8. Flexibility
Owning your own business can be helpful because you can work around your family and schedule, and HD Soap provides this and more! Keep stock or don’t keep stock. Participate in vendor and craft shows or don’t participate in them. Sell to just friends and family or tell everyone you know. Work your business every day, once a week, or once a month. The options are endless, and our consultants love that they can decide!

7. Supporting a family business
There is something incredibly special and intimate when you are able to talk directly to the owner and creator, Christine, as well as her husband, Dan. Our consultants love being able to support a local, family-run business, and it was definitely a  factor for many of them in deciding to sell HD Soap. Our consultants also love that they can help test future products and that Christine values their input when making decisions on products and the business.

6. Extra income
Many of our consultants joined HD Soap because they wanted to make a little extra cash, whether that was to help add to their household income, have fun money, or save up for something special. With 50% commission made on every product, our consultants are thankful for that as well!

5. Handmade products
Until we started analyzing what our consultants shared in their spotlights, we may have not realized that offering handmade products would rank as highly as it does. It is important to our consultants that the products are made by hand, and HD Soap is proud to continue that tradition, even as we grow!

4. Friendships, both consultants and customers
Over and over again, a common theme from our consultants was that they absolutely love the relationships they have made not only with their own customers, but with fellow consultants as well. It is a “Soap Sisterhood” of support, love, and encouragement, with both new and old friends who our consultants have met or reconnected with because of HD Soap!

3. Price of the products
This one is probably no surprise; HD Soap is incredibly affordable and that was a major factor for several consultants deciding to sell HD Soap. Our products range from $4 – $30, which is incredible!

2. Products that work
Our consultants believe in what they sell because the products work! Almost every consultant shared how HD Soap has helped them personally or helped one of their customers. So many customers with different skin issues have found relief, and we love hearing those testimonies.

1. High-quality, safe, natural products
The number one reason that helped our consultants decide to sell came down to the ingredients themselves. They love that our products are not just high quality, but are safe. They appreciate that HD Soap chooses ingredients found in nature instead of packing products full of chemicals and preservatives.

Why would you want to sell HD Soap?! We would really love to grow and train our sales team for a great 2022 holiday selling season. If you have ever been interested in starting your own home-based business for whatever reason, join Christine on this Zoom call later this month. Add it to your calendar, but don’t worry; she’ll send another reminder too!

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