July Releases: Tea & Skincare

It’s release day! We have three amazing skincare products that just came out today, all with the powerful benefits of tea!

Our Chai Tea From Scratch Soap is a must-have for your skin and hair. Chai tea is a black tea that is typically made with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, coriander, ginger, and pepper. These spices are packed full of antioxidants and are known to help increase circulation. This is all good news for aging skin and even fighting off blemishes. Chai tea is a great way to give your skin a beautiful glow. Chai also is known to help with inflammation, dry skin, and scaly skin. Also consider trying this soap in your hair; black teas are great cleansers for the hair and scalp and may even help with hair loss.

Our Green Tea Matcha Mask contains both green tea and matcha (which is another type of green tea). Green teas are very popular in skincare to help with inflammation, redness, and to fight the signs of aging. These teas soothe skin irritations, cuts, sunburn, itchy skin, blemishes, and more. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that nourish, protect, and hydrate the skin. Matcha also contains lots of anti-inflammatory properties and is great for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Your skin can look and feel better with the power of green tea and matcha in this mask!

Our Lemon Tea Salt Scrub is made with white tea. White tea is the least processed of the teas. White teas come from the youngest tea leaves before the buds open; there are fine white hairs on the buds, and that is how it got its name! Like most teas, this is also high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. And of course, white tea contains caffeine, which is great for skin! It also helps reduce puffiness and can help relieve sunburn. It is excellent for toning and tightening your skin. Brighten your skin and fight the signs of aging with the power of tea. Use this salt scrub in a foot soak, a bath, or use to exfoliate your dead, dry skin.

(Note: salt scrubs should only be used from your shoulders down; salt granules can cause small tears in the sensitive skin on your face and neck.)

Which of these new products will you try first?! Contact your consultant or shop online and simply list your consultant at checkout.

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