June Releases: Old and New Favorites

The coronavirus definitely impacted June’s product lineup! We have been experiencing some volatility related to product containers, materials, shipping, and availability. Because of these supply chain issues, we decided to make some modifications to this month’s new releases — and we think those changes made it an even better way to end the second quarter of 2020!

First up is a re-release of a soap we experimented with a few years back; say hello to our Black & White From Scratch Soap! This soap is a marriage of two of classic soap recipes: unscented charcoal and coconut oil. Christine refined her soap stacking and swirling skills to bring together the gentle moisturizing of our coconut oil soap with the extra cleansing power of activated charcoal soap.

Next up is an absolutely beautiful bar of soap that we made together socially in our Life of a Soapmaker Facebook group: it’s the Lemon Poppy Seed From Scratch Soap! This is a goat’s milk-based soap made with avocado oil, lemon zest, and real poppy seeds for exfoliation. You will love the bright citrus scent and how smooth your skin feels after using it! (If you’re not a member of the group, you should definitely join!)

You know we love collaborations! After our Hand Sanitizer partnership with 5 Lakes Brewing was such a success, we thought that creating a new twist on our Beer Soap would be great fun; you are going to love the Gutterball From Scratch Soap! This new soap is made with 5 Lakes Gutterball IPA, and the bars contain actual hops to help exfoliate dry skin! It also contains a blend of lemongrass, bergamot, grapefruit, and lemon essential oils, which really smells like an IPA in the best way possible. We love when a good collaboration turns out so well!

Last but not least, it was definitely time for a classic lippy to come out of retirement: our Rootbeer Lip Balm! Christine found an original Rootbeer lippy in one of her kids’ rooms and immediately knew that it was time to bring it back! If you’ve never tried it before, we hope you enjoy it as much as she does!

We are loving everything brand new for June! Check in with us on social media by using #HDSoap, or #HDSoapVIP to show us how you using your new products!

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