March New Releases: Happy Birthday to Us!

We love March because IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY! HD Soap is SIX years old!! We wouldn’t be here without our amazing crew of consultants and customers, and we are so grateful for each and every one of you!


Let’s kick off the new releases for March with the beloved From Scratch Charvocado Soap! This combination of our Activated Charcoal and Avocado From Scratch Soaps is a match made in heaven. You will enjoy the creamy smooth lather from the hydrating avocado and the deep cleansing power of activated charcoal and bentonite clay. This bar is the perfect balance of deep cleaning and super moisturizing; we released this soap twice last year in small batches, and it was such a hit both times. Order a few extra to keep on hand, because this is only available for a limited time! (Just between us, this soap could probably become a regular part of the core lineup if there is enough demand…maybe it’s time to wage a #KeepItCore campaign on social media?!)


Next up is a big favorite: say hello to the Honey Goatmeal Split Square Bar! This was HD Soap’s first layered soap, and we love bringing this back every year. We take honey glycerin soap and add a thick layer of our goat’s milk soap that is enriched with ground oatmeal. Anyone dealing with dry, itchy skin is going to love this bar! The oatmeal is nice and soothing for dry skin, and the honey glycerin soap is a gentle cleanser. Your skin will feel moisturized and lightly exfoliated, which is a good combination! You’ll definitely want to stock up on extra bars of this limited edition release, because when it’s gone, it’s gone!



It’s been a very long time since we released a new From Scratch scrub, but we’re fixing that now: say hello to our brand new From Scratch Clear Your Mind Salt Scrub! This fantastic scrub combines epsom salt with olive oil and coconut oil, and then we add our Clear Your Mind essential oil blend (which is lavender, lime, and peppermint essential oils!). The scrub also contains lime zest, mint leaves, and lavender petals, so it looks as beautiful as it smells. Unlike the soaps this month, this scrub will be joining our regular lineup…and so will our brand new From Scratch Balance Salt Scrub! We think our Balance fans will really love it! We start with the same combination of epsom salt, coconut oil, and olive oil, to which we add orange zest, ground ginger, and our Balance essential oils (which are blood orange, patchouli, and ginger!). Banish dry, winter skin with these exfoliating and hydrating scrubs!

That’s it for March! Remember that we don’t make an April VIP, so if you are a VIP subscriber, your next box will arrive with May’s new releases in the beginning of May. Need to renew your subscription? You will be able to purchase your renewal at the beginning of April!

Thanks for supporting us as we enter our seventh year of doing business! We couldn’t do it without you! Tag us on social media with #HDSoap, #HDSoapVIP, or #HDSoapVIPClub as you enjoy your new products — we love to see everyone’s HD Soap skincare routines!

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