May Price Changes

We have a few price and container changes to share so that we may continue bringing you our high-quality, handmade products!

The global pandemic of the last year has been difficult for small businesses around the world. This has caused a rise in prices and a constant shifting to find supplies and ingredients to make sure we didn’t run out of your favorite products. We have been covering the additional costs for over a year now, hoping that supply chains and ingredient availability would settle back down. Unfortunately, they have not. However, we have not increased prices in two and a half years, so for that we are very grateful!

You will see the majority of the changes in products that contain shea butter and our products in plastic and glass containers.

Here are the main changes:

You may have also noticed that we have both six-ounce and nine-ounce Candles on our website. We will continue selling the six-ounce candles for $12, but once we receive our backordered shipment of the nine-ounce candle jars, those will return to the website for $18. 

Our new and seasonal items moving forward will be automatically adjusted with the price increases and container changes. For example, our Kaolin Clay Paste that we offer in the summer will have a price increase due to the cost of red kaolin clay, and our Body Butters will still return in October, but will be available in the new six-ounce size for $20. 

We are excited to say that those are our ONLY changes! Creams, our CBD products, Texturizing Salt Spray, Lip Balms, Balms, Masks, bath products, Square Bars, and every other product on our website are ALL STAYING THE SAME. 

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding – we appreciate each and every one of you!

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