New Scent Alert: Fresh Pineapple

Picking new scents is one of Christine’s tasks, and she has some thoughts about our brand new Fresh Pineapple fragrance!

My love of pineapple runs deep, friends, which is probably why I am always looking for new variations of it to add to our lineup. When I came across this combination of Fresh Pineapple, I knew we needed it in ALL of the things!

Our previous pineapple scents have been very tropical, coconut-y, and full of juicy fruits, which I do love for summer. Our Peach Pineapple and Pineapple Colada have always reminded me of summer days or a tropical vacation…SO good! But what I love about our new Fresh Pineapple blend is the addition of sweet, herbaceous, earthy notes layered on top of the classic juicy pineapple notes we all know and love. If there was such a thing as a spring pineapple or clean pineapple, this would be it!

Fresh Pineapple is my new kitchen favorite in the wax warmer…you should definitely try yours today!

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