November New Releases

Happy Holidays from HD Soap! We can’t believe we have made it through another year! This last release day is a big one, and it’s because we are so thankful for you all!

There are two Christmas stocking stuffers that we want to highlight: the Lump of Coal From Scratch Soap and Vanilla Mint Lip Balm! These are two HD Soap classics that should be in everyone’s skin care regimen. We’ve also brought back two other amazing From Scratch SoapsCoconut Milk and Pumpkin Seed Oil!

Now onto the new products for November! Frankincense is our new scent this month. With its sweet and earthy aromatics, it is a great fragrance for the holidays. Frankincense essential oil comes from the resin (or sap) from about 5 types of Boswellia trees (like a bonsai tree but bigger!). It has been around for so long that it is mentioned in the Bible as one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus. Frankincense has been used around the world for cfenturies. In India, for example, it is commonly used as a natural retinol replacement in skincare. Frankincense is useful in treating blemishes and improving skin tone. It’s frequently used in Eastern medicine to help boost the immune system, manage chronic stress, and to reduce pain and inflammation. This is a great essential oil to add to your skincare routine at any age!

Frankincense is already included in our Armonia Facial Cream and other Armonia products, but this is the first time you get to enjoy it on its own. The Coconut Oil Frankincense From Scratch Soap is our most pure soap recipe for gentle cleansing. Our new Frankincense From Scratch Lotion is actually light enough to use as a daily moisturizer. You’ll receive both the topical and aromatic benefits of frankincense by using both products! Bath lovers will appreciate our Frankincense Mini Bath Bomb Set. The Frankincense & Myrrh Candle and Wax Melt has all of the uplifting, energizing benefits of the fragrance oil with the addition of the scent of myrrh. Myrrh adds deeper earthy qualities to the candle, which adds a lovely warmness to the air.

Thank you for another great year at HD Soap! 2023 will be our TENTH YEAR! We thank God daily for this company, consultants, and staff! Tag us on social media with #HDSoap as you enjoy your new products; we love to see everyone’s HD Soap skincare routines!

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