October New Releases

There’s fall in the air with the arrival of October, and we are dreaming of all things pumpkin, vanilla, spice, and apple. Whenever we ask the question “What is your favorite fall flavor?” apple seems to always win! How about a lippy combo flavor: our Caramel from Holiday 2021 combined our ever popular Candied Apple?! It could be straight from the state fair, it’s so yummy! This limited edition Caramel Apple Lip Balm will only be here for a little while (along with Cinnamint Lip Balm and Cranberry Lip Balm), so get them while you can!

Next up is our tried and true From Scratch Cranberry & Currants Soap! This is a HD Soap must-have for the fall and winter! This year, you will be able to try Cranberry & Currants in ALL of your favorite products, like Bath Bombs, Mini Bombs and a yummy From Scratch Sugar Scrub!

October brings back many great products that we had put away for the summer. Our first product that everyone is so excited to welcome back is our Body Butters! This year we are paring down our scent line and expanding the most popular of the lot! Our Mango Shea recipe is ALWAYS the top seller; people love how soft it is, and they love the natural coconut oil scent that comes through because we use an organic coconut oil in this recipe! Mango butter is a fantastic moisturizer; it reduces inflammation while not clogging pores, and it is also packed with vitamins C and A! We are expanding this line with our ever-popular Relax Essential Oil Exclusive Blend, a mixture of lavender, chamomile, and rose. This winter you will be able to enjoy our Relax Mango Shea Body Butter, plus Body Butters in all these great scents: Balance (CocoShea), CocoShea, Whipped Lavender, Mango Shea, Sweet Citrus (Mango Shea), and Peppermint (Mango Shea).

It’s also time to bring back our slate of holiday products! We’re obsessed with everything coming back this holiday season. Which is your favorite stocking stuffer?! Tag us on social media with #HDSoap or #HDSoapVIPClub as you enjoy your new products; we love to see everyone’s HD Soap skincare routines!

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