Order Today For Easter Baskets!

Order TODAY if you want your HD items to arrive in time for Easter baskets!

We are extra excited this year because of our expanded Unicorn and Superhero products. In addition to our Unicorn Specialty Square Bar Soap and our From Scratch Soap, and our Superhero Specialty and From Scratch, we now also have Lip Balms, colorful Smelly Salts, and Mini Bath Bomb sets. Many of the stickers have the adorable colored lettering like we use in our Specialty Square Bars. All of these are super fun items that kids will love to use!

Kids also love other fun, small items like our Hand Sanitizers and Lotion Bars, and if they are older, they may love items like our Dry Masks, Toners, Balms, and even a soap and Loofa combination.

What are your favorite HD items to include in Easter Baskets?

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