100% From Scratch Activated Charcoal 4oz Bar

100% From Scratch Activated Charcoal 4oz Bar

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Activated charcoal is an amazing ingredient in this soap! It helps deep clean your skin, removing impurities and pulling the dirt out of your pores. This may help your pores seem smaller, because those impurities are what make pores appear larger. Spearmint Essential Oil not only smells amazing, but there are so many great health benefits for you and for your skin! Spearmint is the perfect essential oil to use with oil-prone, blemished skin, because it fights against bacteria and other microbes. Read more about this soap HERE.

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Bentonite Clay, Activated Charcoal, Spearmint Essential Oil

13 reviews for 100% From Scratch Activated Charcoal 4oz Bar

  1. DeAnna (verified owner)


  2. Ruth (verified owner)

    I love this soap…..reduced blemishes since I started using it.

  3. phgeerlings (verified owner)

    LOVE this soap! I use it as part of my daily skin routine in replace of store-bought items used to treat acne.

  4. betsyann07

    The most suprising thing for me about the activated charcoal bar is how much I like the scent of it! I use it daily as part of my skincare routine and it is part of what has helped my acne get under control!

  5. Leah.katherine91

    Love the smell and my Face feels so clean afterwards! Amazing!

  6. krit4406 (verified owner)

    Love the Charcoal Bar! My skin feels so fresh and clean – I use it everyday as part of my skin care routine.

  7. angieglass (verified owner)

    I love the smell & cleanliness it gives!

  8. Sara (verified owner)

    Love this soap, works great for a face wash or all over!

  9. cmom1976 (verified owner)

    The charcoal bar is great for pulling out all the gunk and build-up from the day. A great way to end the day because it smells wonderful!

  10. sj.rogers

    This is by far my favorite soap! The scent is absolutely wonderful. It has a light spearmint scent and it is SO refreshing. I use it as a face wash and I look forward to it everyday. It’s great for my sensitive skin.

  11. Swike34 (verified owner)

    One of my favorites! I was really worried about the smell but it smells amazing!!!! I have huge pores and this soap is the first thing ever to shrink them.
    Best make up brush cleaner ever!

  12. a.wortley43

    By far my favorite skin care bar. I took a break and used some other skin care products and nothing compares. I have a feeling this may be a forever staple in my routine.

  13. vanhoutenb (verified owner)

    This bar LIVES in my shower! I use it as a face bar mostly but I also love how it’s minty freshness cuts through my sweaty yuck after Hot Yoga. My teen son has started to use it as well to control facial oils. Aaannnddd…I’m pretty sure my hubby used it but doesn’t tell me!

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