HD Soap | Dry Mask Sampler

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Receive one each of the Charcoal, Spinach & Sea Kelp, and Turmeric HD Soap Dry Masks!

Mix 2 Tablespoons DRY MASK with 1 Tablespoon water until smooth oatmeal consistency is achieved. Apply to face for 20 minutes. Rinse & moisturize.

TIP: After adding water to your dry mask, let it sit for twenty minutes or longer. The oats will soften and spread more easily during application.

Oatmeal, Dry Milk, Raw Sugar, Activated Charcoal

Spinach & Sea Kelp
Dry Milk, Bentonite Clay, Spinach Powder, Kelp Powder

Dry Milk, Oatmeal, Ground Turmeric

2 reviews for HD Soap | Dry Mask Sampler

  1. Mindy Tucker

    I use everyone of these mask. My favorite is to mix the charcoal and turmeric together! My face feels so soft afterwards! Game changer for my face!

  2. Jaime Eide

    I love all the masks but my favorite is the Turmeric. It makes my skin feel so tight and soft!

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