HD Soap | Bulk Soap Bag




Limited quantities. Bags come with 16 ounces of soap. Contents include scraps, under-size bars, or edges. All sales are FINAL; no returns allowed.

Click on your favorite flavor to see if we have the bulk option in stock.

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Beer, Charvacado, Coconut Oil, Lemongrass and Ginger, Shaving Soap Vanilla and Tobacco, Avacado, Bergamont, Blooms, Blueberry Goatmeal, Cafe Late, Calendula, Candy Cane, Chamomile, Charcoal, Chocolate Milk, Clear Your Mind, Coconut Lavender, Coconut Lime, Coconut Tea Tree, Cool Cucumber, Cranberry Orange, Crisp, Fresh, Gardeners, Goats Milk, Goats Milk Honey and Oats, Hemp & Tea Tree, Honey Kiwigranate, Jewelweed, Lavender, Mermaid, millionaires, Pumice, Shaving Soap, Superhero, Sweet Citrus, Unicorn, Vanilla and Tabacco, Vanilla Goatmeal, Peppermint


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