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Dry Mask
Mix 2 Tablespoons DRY MASK with 1 Tablespoon* water until smooth oatmeal consistency is achieved (*use much less liquid for the Citrus and Mocha masks!). Apply to face for 20 minutes. Rinse & moisturize.

TIP FOR OATMEAL MASKS: After adding water to your dry mask, let it sit for twenty minutes or longer. The oats will soften and spread more easily during application.

• Great for oily skin
• Rinse & wash with From Scratch Coconut Oil Tea Tree Soap
• Moisturize with Olive Oil Balm

Oatmeal, Dry Milk, Raw Sugar, Activated Charcoal

• Vegan and gluten-free
• Rinse & wash with From Scratch Sweet Citrus Soap
• Moisturize with Orange & Olive Oil Balm

Dry Coconut Milk, Orange Peel, Lemon Powder

Mocha – NEW!
• Vegan and gluten-free
• Rinse & wash with From Scratch Balance Soap
• Moisturize with Eye Serum

Dry Coconut Milk, Cocoa Powder, Coffee

Spinach & Sea Kelp
• Great for all skin types
• Rinse & wash with From Scratch Activated Charcoal Soap
• Moisturize with Original Balm

Dry Milk, Bentonite Clay, Spinach Powder, Kelp Powder

• Christine’s favorite mask!
• Rinse & wash with From Scratch Goat’s Milk Soap
• Moisturize with Orange & Olive Oil Balm

Dry Milk, Oatmeal, Ground Turmeric

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Charcoal, Citrus, Mocha, Spinach and Sea Kelp, Turmeric

19 reviews for HD Soap | Dry Mask

  1. DeAnna

    Love the charcoal!

  2. Katrina (verified owner)

    I have the Charcoal and Turmeric. Both are good, but I think the Charcoal is my favorite.

  3. Rosenths

    I’ve use daily turmeric and charcoal. Like them both. The charcoal after math will make your face worse before it gets better as it draw out all the impurities. Worth it though.

  4. Swike34

    Charcoal mask has really help with pores. I’ve tried lots of products and this has worked the best.

  5. Nickolleettee

    I received a sample of the turmeric. Be sure to follow the directions. 🙂 Mine came out rather thick but I added more water so it would spread. Hoping to see a decrease in redness. Fairly easy to use. Nice product.

  6. Leah.katherine91

    The charcoal mask is great for pulling out the junk!

  7. angieglass (verified owner)

    I love the charcoal mask!! Just ordered the turmeric one & cant wait to try it!

  8. Avogt9629

    I’ve tried other masks before and this charcoal mask from HD is by far the best!

  9. Sara

    I have used the charcoal mask and absolutely love it. It works great to improve the condition of my skin. It is nice to be able to pamper myself and not spend a fortune and know that I’m using something natural . Also that I know it’s safe to use on my kiddos when they want to be pampered with me!

  10. flowerpowerliz

    I was given the recommendation of using charcoal and tumeric together to reduce the redness in my face before my wedding last June and it was wonderful!

  11. Samantha Brown (verified owner)

    I have both the charcoal and tumeric and they both are nice. I love how the tumeric fights inflammation. It doesn’t make my sensitive skin red at all. My skin feels good after using it.

  12. marahollohan (verified owner)

    I’ve only used the charcoal mask and holy cow does it work!! I can feel it working while I wear it and am amazed at how much better my skin feels.

  13. sj.rogers

    I have the Spinach & Sea Kelp mask. The scent isn’t my favorite but how my skin feels afterwards makes it totally worth it. My skin feels so soft and refreshed after this mask. Because it’s not abrasive and chemical filled like store bought masks, you can use it multiple times a week.

  14. Swike34 (verified owner)

    Spinach and sea kelp mask is awesome at tightening up skin withoutnover drying. I mixed it with charcoal mask which is awesome.

  15. Swike34 (verified owner)

    Turmeric mask is wonderful with helping reduce redness. Washing with lavender bar and using turmeric mask has helped my red blotchy face a ton

  16. Amy Ricker (verified owner)

    The turmeric mask has been awesome for treating the inflammation caused by eczema, both on my face and hands. I like how clean my face and pores feel after using the charcoal!

  17. vanhoutenb (verified owner)

    Turmeric mask is my best friend when my face needs a wake up call. It just feels more alive after and the feel of it hardening on your face is almost therapeutic. I mix it in a small cup and let it do it’s thing while I shower, then I apply it with a make up brush and voila, my face feels smooth and alive. Bonus, I get alone time as my children are afraid to look at me while I have it on. Go me time.

  18. Amy Walker (verified owner)

    Love that these masks are not full of chemicals! Turmeric and Spinach & Sea Kelp are my 2 fave! Turmeric tightens as it drys, Spinach & Sea Kelp is so moisturizing. Charcoal is great at pulling out the gunk. You just want to eat the Mocha & Citrus, but leave my skin refreshed.

  19. lrubley

    Turmeric and oatmeal works for me! I love how soft and smooth my face feels after using it.

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