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It’s Hilltop’s first accessory: a cute little soap sack! Just open, drop in your soap, and cinch shut. Great for all of those small square bar slivers!

Loofa is available in HILLTOP GREEN only.

10 reviews for HD Soap | Loofa

  1. DeAnna

    A plus to have when using the bar soaps

  2. phgeerlings

    I’ve never used body wash or a loofa – but was pleasantly surprised when I tried it for the first time! Love that you can put the bar of soap IN it!!

  3. Kim Mier

    I use the loofa for most of my HD soaps! I liked it so much that my 8 year old daughter has one and uses it for her unicorn soap

  4. Samantha Brown (verified owner)

    Awesome concept. Can still use your favorite soap without it slipping out of your hands. It offers a nice bubbly lather.

  5. angieglass (verified owner)

    Such a great way to use my soap bars!!

  6. Sara (verified owner)

    A must have for the shower! Everyone in our family has one for their own square bar! They don’t break apart like a traditional loofah! We love them !

  7. Swike34 (verified owner)

    We just filled out loofa with all our soap slivers. No wasting the awesomeness

  8. Amy Ricker

    I’m in the military, and this is an essential for travel/deployment. During a previous detachment to the ship, I brought my HD soap (halved 2 bars to make them last longer) and ended up dropping all of them during the course of a month. Touching the floor means throwing it away, so I lost a lot of soap that month. This last time, I had my HD loofah and the one half of bar soap lasted the entire month!

  9. Miranda Bode (verified owner)

    My family loves this loofa!! I have a loofa for my shave bar to make shaving a quick and simple step during my shower routine. We also have a loofa for each girl and 1 comes along with us camping. We hang it on the water hydrant and makes a simple hand washing station! #hdlifehacks #hdloofa

  10. taraanny

    I love the concept of putting the soap in the loofa, but I don’t like the shape :/ its hard to hang onto. And I also don’t like how the string likes the get in the way cause its so long.

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