Seasonal Candle Scents

Our seasonal HD Soap Candles are slowly making their return!

Now that we are making our own candles, we have so much flexibility in terms of scent creation and have been having so much fun experimenting with new scents! However, we know that many of you have been missing the FallWinterSpring, and Summer candles that we used to sell.

The good news is that we found the perfect combination of scents for Fall, and we released that scent earlier this month! This is a yummy blend of apples, pie, cinnamon, and spices. We have been hearing great reviews from our customers who are enjoying this candle!

We started working on Winter next, and we think we have found a great scent profile! This will still be a fresh blend of pine and snow; imagine the scent of cutting down your own Christmas tree after a fresh snowfall. We are excited to be releasing this seasonal candle later this fall.

We are still working on a Spring scent; we previously offered a cucumber melon scent but are leaning towards changing it up and developing something completely different. We will continue to play with scents until we come up with something we think fits that season!

And Summer…well, we have almost a year to figure that one out!

Stay tuned! Let us know how you’re feeling about Fall!

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