Spotlight: Bergamot Bar

The amazing From Scratch Bergamot Bar joined our line of From Scratch Soap in 2018, and there are so many reasons why we love this soap!

Coconut oil and olive oil have amazing benefits for your skin. Coconut oil soothes, repairs, and nourishes the skin with plenty of moisturizing power. Olive oil is an antioxidant, and it hydrates skin without clogging your pores. It also makes your skin appear brighter!

Shea butter is another ingredient in this powerful soap, and you might recognize it as an ingredient from our body butters! It moisturizes, reduces inflammation, minimizes scars, replenishes your skin, and because it absorbs quickly into your skin, the shea butter goes to work right away.

In addition to these ingredients, this soap contains red or “rose” kaolin clay. It is great for detoxifying your skin and is one of the best clays if you have a blemish-prone complexion. This soap absorbs deep into the epidermis layer of your skin and removes excess oil without over-drying. This means it is great for combination skin!

The  soap also contains bergamot essential oil, which can help your skin look younger, speed up skin repair, even out skin tone, eliminate bad odors, and fight bacteria naturally.

You should definitely give our From Scratch Bergamot Bar a try, and be prepared to fall in love with this silky, smooth bar of soap! If you love bergamot and are looking to try something new, you should definitely try our From Scratch Llama Soap!

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