Spotlight: Candles

We have been making our own candles for a little over three years now, and there are so many benefits to handmade candles! 

For starters, they contain only two ingredients: high-quality soy and plant-based fragrance oils.

Our 100% soy candles are:

  • Non-toxic

  • Come from a completely natural and renewable source

  • Burns very clean

  • Made with soy that is Kosher-certified and FDA-approved

  • Scented with all-natural fragrance oils

  • 100% cotton wick

  • Poured into six-ounce glass jars (which are beautiful to repurpose!)

  • Each six-ounce candle has an approximate 30-35 hour burn time.

Our candle of the month for January is our newest scent, Tranquility. Customers are loving this subtle blend of sage, sandalwood, and lavender in this clean, calming scent. Something new you will notice on this candle is its colorful label!

To make room for upcoming scents, some other scents will be leaving us. The candles that will be disappearing will be Citronella, Coconut, Sandalwood, Linen Breeze, Spring, and Pear.

Have you tried HD Candles? What are some of your favorites?

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