Spotlight: Exfoliating Products

Exfoliation is extremely important because it removes the accumulation of dried and dead skin cells that exacerbate eczema and other skin issues. But don’t worry, here at HD Soap we have lots of great exfoliating products!

Most people probably first think of scrubs – our From Scratch Salt or Sugar Scrubs, or even our Whipped Sugar Scrubs. Salt and sugar are excellent at sloughing off dead skin, and our Coffee Scrub provides a secondary exfoliator of coffee grounds alongside the sugar. Also, our Pumice Whipped Scrub acts like a microdermabrasion treatment, thanks to the very fine exfoliation from pumice powder.

Pumice is available in more than just a scrub; don’t forget about our Pumice From Scratch Soap! This soap is fantastic at tackling grease, dirt, and grime by exfoliating it right off your skin. Did you know that we have even more soaps that are exfoliating? Any of our soaps with oatmeal, clay, herbs, or botanicals provide gentle exfoliation. Some of our most popular are Goat’s Milk Honey and Oats, Peppermint, Bergamot, Lavender Square Bar, Vanilla Goatmeal Square Bar, Blueberry Goatmeal Square Bar, and Activated Charcoal.

Our Dry Masks are also exfoliating for your skin. We have light exfoliators like our Citrus or our Spinach and Sea Kelp, medium exfoliators like Turmeric, Charcoal, or Green Tea Matcha, or our most aggressive exfoliating mask: the Mocha Mask. These use the power of clay, oatmeal, and dry milk (or dry coconut milk).

We have so many great products to choose from, all with varying degrees of exfoliation to meet your skin’s needs! Contact your consultant for help personalizing a recommendation, or if you do not have a consultant, feel free to reach out to us here at HDHQ.

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