Spotlight: Kaolin Clay Paste

We are still obsessed with our Kaolin Clay Paste! Let’s break down the ingredients so you can see why you need this product in your regular skin care routine!

Glycerin – Glycerin is actually very moisturizing—and, just like beeswax, it helps draw moisture into your skin. Plus it forms a protective layer to hold that moisture in your skin.

Aloe Juice – In addition to the commonly known benefits of soothing sunburn and reducing blemishes, aloe is also loaded with antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins A and C. It is also amazing at reducing inflammation and calming the skin.

Rose Kaolin, Bentonite, and White Kaolin Clays – Do you remember our blog post about all the benefits of clay? Clays help with repairing and detoxing your skin, and are amazing for your pores. 

Baking Soda – It is probably no surprise that baking soda helps fight odor. But baking soda also provides light exfoliation to help your skin glow as well as keep blemishes at bay. And it also helps soothe bug bites!

 Zinc – We just blogged about zinc’s amazing qualities! The biggest benefits for skin are that it reduces inflammation, minimizes blemishes, and fights pimples.

Although this product has a thinner consistency than you might expect from a “paste,” it is incredibly multi-purpose! Here are some ideas from other consultants and customers on ways to use our Kaolin Clay Paste:

  • Calm itchy bug bites
  • Spot treat blemishes
  • Absorb excess oil on your skin
  • Soothe sunburn, skin irritations, and rashes
  • Use as a face mask to minimize your pores
  • Gently exfoliate your skin
  • Draw out impurities from your skin
  • Apply a thin layer before you put on makeup to help control oil and shine all day long
  • Use as a deodorant (or apply the paste first and then follow with your favorite HD Deodorant)

Stock up on Kaolin Clay Paste today!

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