Spotlight: Silk Powder

If you have never used silk powder with silk amino acids, keep reading to find out why you need to!

Silk amino acid comes from the silkworm’s cocoon; it is the protein molecules that actually help bind their silk together. This protein is packed with amino acids (18!) and is rich in nutrients and vitamins, and is known for being able to absorb and retain moisture.

Ever wonder why those with curly hair swear by silk pillowcases, or tying silk around their hair at night (or even during the day)? It is because silk helps retain moisture and protect the hair from breakage. Silk amino acids offer some of the same benefits. This is an excellent ingredient for the hair because it can penetrate into each strand to protect from damage and moisturize, but it can also help treat already damaged hair. Silk amino acids help create a protective barrier for the hair and protect it from future damage. It can help give you softer hair, hair with less frizz, and improve health. These acids actually bind to the keratin found in your hair and lock in moisture.

Sleeping in silk pajamas can help your skin because of the 18 amino acids mentioned above; these amino acids can help with skin repair, fight bacteria, and can even help promote oxygen flow throughout your body. So imagine what it can do when you put silk amino acid directly on your skin! The vitamins and nutrients in silk are excellent at helping to reduce the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. It has even been found to help boost collagen production. It can help hydrate the skin by sealing in hydration and rejuvenate skin tone. Silk acids are easily absorbed into your skin, and they also bind to keratin to help you retain moisture!

Your skin and hair can literally feel silky smooth with this ingredient, and we have the perfect product for you: our Silk Serum!

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