Spotlight: Spiced Plum

February is off to a great start! Read on as Christine details some new developments as we prepare to celebrate our tenth birthday!

In previous years, only our VIP members would be able to save on new products by being a part of our VIP shipments. Our VIP subscription box was a huge hit, but as we approached our tenth birthday, I wanted to change it up a little bit. 

This year was the perfect time to do it! Now EVERY customer is treated like a VIP and has the opportunity to save with our preset bundles.

Another new feature of 2023 is our colorful candles! Each month we will release a new theme and signature scent! January was Tranquility, a subtle fragrance of sage, sandalwood, and lavender that made for a clean and calming scent that everyone has loved.

February is our new Spiced Plum, which we love! Spiced plum smells of sweet, juicy, dark nectar essences. Warm amber and incense fills up the base note, and the top finishes with spicy cinnamon and light clove.  

If you love warm and subtle amber notes, you will love this one. If you love our Superhero fragrance with its dark, juicy, fruity notes, you will love this one. If you love the spice and complexity of Cranberry & Currants, you will love this one!

Spiced Plum is available as a From Scratch Soap, Body Splash, Lotion Bars, Candle, Wax Melt, as well as a Whipped Sugar Scrub. We also have some amazing Spiced Plum Bundles available too!

I just can’t get enough, and I know you will love it too!

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