Spotlight: Square Bars

Did you know that the very first product sold at HD Soap was a Square Bar?

Our Gardener’s Square Bar, is what started it all – and the rest of our products slowly followed over the last 7 years.

Our Square Bars are made from a glycerin soap base – and what we mean by a “base” is that Christine purchases a high quality glycerin soap block. This product is not “from scratch”; it is water-based, which means that it contains various preservatives. She then melts this soap base and adds in all sorts of goodies like fresh herbs, blueberries, ground oatmeal, essential oils, and more!

Both our Specialty Square Bars (Unicorn and Superhero) as well as our regular Square Bars (Lavender, Blueberry Goatmeal, Vanilla Goatmeal, Gardener’s, and Hemp & Tea Tree) are glycerin soaps. 

Glycerin is wonderful for skin! It is actually a humectant, which simply means it pulls moisture from the air into your skin. The moisturizing aspect of our Square Bars is frequently a favorite customer benefit. Keeping your skin moisturized means soft, smooth, youthful-looking skin!

Because of the glycerin, Square Bars are also very gentle on sensitive skin. The ingredients that we add in compound that benefit! Many of our customers with breakouts and blemishes are quick to grab our Hemp & Tea Tree or our Gardener’s soaps. Those with dry or even rashy skin love our Blueberry Goatmeal, Lavender, or Vanilla Goatmeal Square Bars. And kids (as well as adults!) love our colorful, fun Unicorn and Superhero specialty bars; thankfully glycerin is safe to use on kids with skin sensitivities.

We would love to hear from you: which of our glycerin soaps is your favorite?

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