Spotlight: Texturizing Salt Spray

One of HD’s summer “must-haves” is our Texturizing Salt Spray – keep reading to find out why!

Our From Scratch Texturizing Salt Spray only has four ingredients: water, epsom salt, argan oil, and our natural, plant-based fragrance oils. Not only does this mean there are no harmful ingredients, but the ingredients we have included in our recipe are powerhouses for your hair! Water is the best way to deliver the ingredients as a spray and our fragrance oil provides a lovely guava mint scent, but let’s mainly focus on the amazing benefits of epsom salt and argan oil.

Epsom salt is a popular ingredient to help add volume to limp, oily hair. Some people also believe that epsom salt can help strengthen the hair and scalp because of how much magnesium it contains. Salt helps absorb oils and allows the hair to have more texture. Epsom salt can help bring out the curls or texture in your hair that oils weigh down. It is an amazing ingredient to help enhance your curls and keep them looking beautiful all day long. If you have dry hair, or if you are using products with epsom salt daily, just be aware that it may be too drying and working with your hair may become difficult.

Argan oil is not just a great moisturizer, but it is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It softens and smooths the hair in addition to the hydration it provides. It helps the elasticity of the hair as well as the skin, and can help restore the shine and minimize frizz. It is excellent for soothing an itchy scalp. This oil is effective at higher temperatures, which makes it an amazing ingredient to help protect the hair from curling irons, blow dryers, and more. It can help with split ends and breakage.

There are several ways to use our Texturizing Salt Spray. If you want beachy waves by enhancing the texture you already have, simply spritz in wet hair and scrunch sections of your hair over and over. As it air dries, simply scrunch from time to time. If you want extra volume, spritz in your hair, especially at the roots, and then blow dry. You can also spritz it on your hair when it is dry; several of our customers use this spray before they go to bed and target their roots to work overnight as a dry shampoo (thank you epsom salt)!

Have you tried our Texturizing Salt Spray? Choose from four ounces for $5 or eight ounces for $10 and let us know what you think!

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