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  • Cleansing Balm

    Cleansing Balm

    Cleansing balm: have you heard of this? It’s such an interesting concept! Cleaning your skin with moisture is a great alternative for people who have super dry skin. Using this method will help to remove makeup extra dirt from the pores and moisturize. You may have heard about the oil cleansing method before; this is…

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  • Back to Basics: Balm

    Back to Basics: Balm

      In this blog, Christine shares what prompted her to create her line of Balms, along with some of her favorite applications!   In 2013, our company started with just a few bars of soap and three balms. The goal was to offer simple products at affordable prices that could be used as a part…

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  • Spotlight: Orange & Olive Oil Balm with Vitamin C

    Spotlight: Orange & Olive Oil Balm with Vitamin C

    We didn’t think that our Orange & Olive Oil Balm could get any better – but then we added Vitamin C! This simple balm is packed with goodness. We have already discussed the benefits of olive oil and beeswax; however, we have not yet shared about orange essential oil or our newest ingredient, vitamin C.…

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  • February New Releases

    February New Releases

    Toner helps you remove environmental impurities on your skin; it can also help balance the oil on your skin while adding moisture and minimizing the appearance of pores. Our new Cleansing Toner (both with lavender and unscented) can help with all of that!  FAQ: What is your toner routine? In the morning, Christine uses Orange…

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  • We’ve Got A Balm For That

    We’ve Got A Balm For That

    There are so many ways to use our Balms, but today we are going to highlight ten common uses! 1. MakeupUse a thin layer of your favorite Balm just before you put on foundation, blush, or eye shadow. Our balms act as a makeup primer. And, you can even use our olive oil-based balms (Orange…

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  • The Hazards of Shaving!

    The Hazards of Shaving!

    Raise your hand if you are tired of shaving! Are you over razor burn, bumps, and the burning, itchy skin? HD Soap has products that may help! First of all, start by using a men’s razor – it sounds simple, but it really is important! These razors are specifically designed for the sensitive skin on…

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  • Help for Dry, Cracked Hands

    Help for Dry, Cracked Hands

    If all the hand sanitizing to protect against COVID-19 has given you dry, cracked, red hands, this post is for you. Harsh soaps and alcohol-based hand sanitizers can absolutely destroy your hands, but don’t worry—HD Soap is here to help!  First, our soaps are excellent because they are packed with wonderful moisturizing ingredients and contain…

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  • Spotlight: Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Spotlight: Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Tea tree essential oil is a must-have to keep around the house, and our Tea Tree Oil Balm is an especially convenient way to have it handy at all times! This oil has outstanding cleansing properties and is known to help treat a variety of skin issues including blemishes, cuts, infections, and wounds. Tea tree…

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  • Our Favorite Products for the Perfect Facial

    Our Favorite Products for the Perfect Facial

    What products come to mind when you think of treating yourself to a facial? Enjoy these top recommendations that will truly help you put your best face forward! STEP 1: EXFOLIATE Exfoliating before cleansing helps rid your body of dead skin cells, leaving fresh, younger-looking skin that glows. We recommend only exfoliating two to three…

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  • Ingredient Spotlight: Why We Love Lanolin

    Ingredient Spotlight: Why We Love Lanolin

    Lanolin oil is secreted through a sheep’s skin in a similar way to how our skin secretes sebum oil. But don’t worry; no sheep are harmed extracting these oils from their wool since it is all done through a special process after the wool has been sheared.  For a sheep, lanolin helps condition their wool…

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