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  • Spotlight: CBD Bath Bomb

    Spotlight: CBD Bath Bomb

    It’s feeling snowy out here in West Michigan, and there’s NOTHING better on a snowy day than a warm bath! Read more for Christine’s thoughts about our CBD Bath Bomb!   I love the CBD Bath Bombs and here’s why! I love the scent combo of lavender, lemon, and orange. It’s energizing and relaxing at…

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  • Sad To Say Goodbye

    Sad To Say Goodbye

    As we make room for our summer products, it is time to say goodbye to some of your favorites! Here are the products that are only available while supplies last for the remainder of the year: Semi-retirement for Morning Mix and Purify: we know it is incredibly sad to see two of our exclusive blends go away for…

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  • Product Spotlight: Why We Love Bath Bombs

    Product Spotlight: Why We Love Bath Bombs

    We love bath bombs for many reasons (and not only for the fizzy reaction that occurs once they hit water!). A more compelling reason to fall in love with bath bombs is because they are a luxurious way to moisturize your skin. BONUS: Keep reading all the way to the end for a DIY recipe…

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  • Banish Dry Skin This Winter!

    Banish Dry Skin This Winter!

    Winter is just around the corner here in Michigan, which for many people means the return of dry, itchy, and cracked skin.  HD Soap to the rescue! First, start with a soap that is moisturizing. Our most moisturizing soaps are our Millionaire’s From Scratch Soap and our Avocado From Scratch Soap. Both of these soaps…

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  • Product Spotlight: Bath Bombs

    Product Spotlight: Bath Bombs

    Our bath bombs are popular not only because of how large they are, but also for how rich, luxurious, and moisturized you feel after using one! Our “core” bath bomb scents (meaning we carry them all the time) are Balance, Clear Your Mind, and Lavender. Sometimes we have bonus scents like Coconut, Eucalyptus, and Sniffles, and of…

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  • Happy Relaxation Day!

    Happy Relaxation Day!

    Our calendar told us that today is Relaxation Day, and that seems like a pretty perfect holiday to celebrate with HD Soap! Take advantage of this VERY important holiday and break out your favorite HD Soap products! Bath Bomb What could be more relaxing than taking a bath with a deliciously fragrant HD Soap Bath…

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