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  • Testimony Tuesday!

    Testimony Tuesday!

    Welcome to Testimony Tuesday! Our first submission is from Mellissa P.  I actually decided to become a consultant based on the results we got from the Calendula Balm Stick for my little guy’s eczema! I was part of an online party and someone had brought up the Calendula Stick. I had done some research on it but never bought one.…

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  • Aromatherapy Spotlight: Chamomile

    Aromatherapy Spotlight: Chamomile

    Keep reading to learn more about the aromatherapy benefits of chamomile from Christine, the owner of HD Soap and a certified aromatherapist! Chamomile! Chamomile! Chamomile! Oh, how I love this little flower! We have used this flower in some of our scrubs, and in 2017 we included chamomile in our Bath Tea! Do you remember…

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