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  • Spotlight: Dry Masks

    Spotlight: Dry Masks

    If you are struggling with summer breakouts, try one of our Dry Masks! Face masks are an important part of a skincare routine. They can be both relaxing and therapeutic. While your mask is drying for 15-20 minutes, soak in the bath with some of our bath products, enjoy a foot soak, read a book, journal, knit, or…

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  • Our Favorite Products for the Perfect Facial

    Our Favorite Products for the Perfect Facial

    What products come to mind when you think of treating yourself to a facial? Enjoy these top recommendations that will truly help you put your best face forward! STEP 1: EXFOLIATE Exfoliating before cleansing helps rid your body of dead skin cells, leaving fresh, younger-looking skin that glows. We recommend only exfoliating two to three…

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  • Spotlight: Aloe

    Spotlight: Aloe

    The aloe plant is a succulent that is not only useful for soothing burns; it also has so many benefits for your skin and hair! Aloe contains antioxidants as well as vitamins A and C. It is incredibly anti-inflammatory, which is why it is so popular for treating burns. In fact, aloe has been sold…

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  • February New Releases: Who Needs Coffee?!

    February New Releases: Who Needs Coffee?!

    Brrrr! The winter cold finally arrived in Michigan, and we’re bundled up to stay warm! A steaming mug of coffee helps keep the hands toasty, but our February new releases all utilize coffee in different ways to improve your skincare routine. You don’t have to like drinking coffee to appreciate the different benefits of our…

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  • New Releases for June: Taste of Summer

    New Releases for June: Taste of Summer

    Can you believe that it’s already June?! Summer is bringing a lot of amazing new products your way, so let’s jump in! This June is a special one for us at HD Soap because it means that we’ve been partnered with Kalamazoo Candle Company for an entire year! We are so happy that our customers…

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