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  • August Releases: Summer Surprises

    August Releases: Summer Surprises

    Friday was release day! We are very excited about these new products, one of which we’ve been itching to release for months! The first product in our August VIP box is a new twist on an old classic: the Clementines & Berries From Scratch Soap! We released this scent and berry combination last year as a Square…

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  • Spotlight: Beard Balm

    Spotlight: Beard Balm

    While our Beard Balm is helpful for men and facial hair grooming, it is also great for hydrating dry winter skin (think hands, elbows, knees, and more!). This balm is packed with amazing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, and essential oils (cypress, rosewood, lime). It is similar to a…

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  • Spotlight: Jojoba Oil

    Spotlight: Jojoba Oil

    Buckle up for a long post: jojoba oil has so many beneficial properties, it might become your new favorite ingredient in our products! Even though it is called an oil, jojoba is actually a liquid wax – but don’t let the word “wax” scare you. It is packed full of vitamins like B vitamins, vitamin…

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  • Spotlight: Whipped Scrubs

    Spotlight: Whipped Scrubs

    If you have never tried our Whipped Scrubs, what are you waiting for?! With the exciting release of our new Charcoal Whipped Sugar Scrub, let’s highlight why so many people have fallen in love with our Whipped Sugar Scrubs since their release! We start with a soft and fluffy soap base and add in sugar…

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  • Product Spotlight: Why We Love the Essential Oil Roller Balls!

    Product Spotlight: Why We Love the Essential Oil Roller Balls!

    Our Essential Oil Roller Balls recently received a packaging facelift, so this is a great time to talk about why we love them! Take your favorite essential oils on the go and conveniently apply them on your wrists or behind your ears. These high-quality, therapeutic grade essential oils are diluted in carrier oils to safe…

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  • Product Spotlight: The Relax Line

    Product Spotlight: The Relax Line

    Have you been enjoying the new exclusive essential oil blend that we released earlier this month? It has been over two years since we created an exclusive blend, and we hope you will fall in love with Relax as much as we have! Relax is an amazing blend of lavender, chamomile, and rose, but you…

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  • July Releases: HD Soap Says Relax!

    July Releases: HD Soap Says Relax!

    Summer is here, and we feel like it is time to RELAX! It’s been a long time since HD Soap developed a new exclusive essential oil blend, and so we are excited about every new release this month. Read on to learn more about our new Relax exclusive blend!Longtime customers might recognize this combination of…

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  • Product Spotlight: Lotion Bars

    Product Spotlight: Lotion Bars

    This is a guest post by Mindy, who is one of our consultants. She is obsessed with the HD Soap Lotion Bars, and Mindy is a skincare expert who advocates that everyone needs their own lotion bar!The HD Soap Lotion Bar is a solid lotion made of natural ingredients. Our lotion bars are free from…

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  • Happy Relaxation Day!

    Happy Relaxation Day!

    Our calendar told us that today is Relaxation Day, and that seems like a pretty perfect holiday to celebrate with HD Soap! Take advantage of this VERY important holiday and break out your favorite HD Soap products! Bath Bomb What could be more relaxing than taking a bath with a deliciously fragrant HD Soap Bath…

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  • Back to School With HD Soap!

    Back to School With HD Soap!

    Welcome to August! Summer is quickly winding down, and kids will be heading off to school again before you know it. There are plenty of HD Soap products that kids should keep handy in their backpacks once school begins again. Help get your child off on the right foot this year with these trusty favorites!…

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